Best is upcoming. BLITAB® with new user interface

March 2, 2016

Hello, everyone. It’s me Kristina , the co-founder of BLITAB® and today it is time to share with you awesome news.

We are sure that you know that having an innovative idea is only 1% and its execution is  the secret code for success and excellent product development. During the last months we received more than 12000 inquiries and many beta testers all over the world have registered on our web-site to express their interest in testing and associating with BLITAB® . Thank you all!

Now, if you haven’t heard of our innovation before, BLITAB® Technology developed the first-ever Braille tablet, using a new liquid-based technology to create tactile relief that produces Braille, graphics, maps, etc., for the blind and partially sighted. From the very start, blind and visually impaired users were involved in the product development because BLITAB® ® is fully designed according to their needs, not adapted as many assistive devices are.

We called it BLITAB® – the “iPad” for the blind, and for the first time it will make possible for children and students with sight loss to finally have access to the latest technology and thus to learn and study more efficiently.

As a Best practice on Education and ICT ( Zero project 2016, United Nations, Vienna) and Integration of Disability through Innovation (2015), we did not stop to work with blind and visually impaired users, NGOs, public bodies and businesses to motivate people with visual impairments to believe in the digital future of Braille but also improve BLITAB® .  This is a  great example of how disrupting technology drives social change and inclusion, and contributes to a higher literacy rate among children with disabilities.

And now let me introduce it for the first time here: the new user interface of BLITAB®  Tablet.


The technology we invented gave us the opportunity to reproduce one full page of Braille. But how we are going to type and edit text and navigate through the screen? These were just some of the questions that we worked on intensively.


BLITAB® offers completely new experience for Braille and non-Braille readers via touch navigation, text-to-speech output and Perkins-style keyboard application. BLITAB® is not just a tablet, it is a platform for all existing and future applications for blind readers. So we do not compete, we integrate and collaborate!

In the upcoming weeks we are going to follow-up all of you that have interest to stay updated about our next steps, great news and go-to market strategy. For those of you that have not contacted us so far, you can register on our web-side:  http://BLITAB® .com/ or write us directly : info@BLITAB .com